As a professional auditing and financial consultancy company, Global Auditing and Financial Consultancy (GAFC) specializes in the provision of high quality services including accounting & auditing, financial advisories, investment consultancy, M&A services, tax advisory, and training.

GAFC is established and run by qualified founding shareholders with years of management experience in accounting, auditing, financial consultancy and investment advisory locally and internationally. This enables GAFC to provide our clients distinguished services that combine the best practices of international standards and local requirements.

We understand codes of ethics adherence and selective human resources are to ensure our long-term, sustainable successes. GAFC expects to have chances to walk along the prosperous story of your companies.

Audit services and ensure

GAFC provide audit services and assurance services with professional standards and reliable. In addition to meeting the normal requirements audit, we further study the activities of customers, thereby helping businesses early detection of potential risks in business, finance and governance issues relevant.

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Financial Consultancy and Investment

This is the field we are really in-depth and confidence will bring about change in the strategy of sustainable development of customer. Workforce our consultants directly involved customers are professionals working for many years in management at hedge funds, consulting firms and financial services prestige at home and abroad .

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Accounting Services

Use of accounting services expressed highly specialized business and brings efficiency in business operations has brought stability and professionalism.

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Recruitment services

Support businesses and organizations in the field of recruitment experts in the specialized field of financial accounting and auditing services to meet the specialized requirements of customers appreciate the quality of the surface.

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Tax advisory services

The reform process and finalize the tax policy of Vietnam is rapid. This creates difficulties for enterprises to update and apply the legislative changes to the business tax.

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Corporate Training Center

GAFC provide training programs or in collaboration with the University, the local and international organizations to organize training and refresher courses to improve their knowledge, including but not limited to students.

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